MICHAL OSTRYKIEWICZ – Product Line Engineer

Product Line Engineer Michal Ostrykiewicz is responsible for our machine assembly, installation and technical support. He has a high level understanding of both mechanical and control aspects of bespoke automation which benefits our customers with a speedy response to technical queries.

Michał joined Somex Automation in 2012, his background is in maintenance engineering and he boasts a Bachelor of Engineering from his native Poland along with a raft of other qualifications in related areas including telecommunications.

Having worked in an electronic manufacturing environment for over a decade, and as a former Somex Automation customer, Michał knows what clients expect in terms of equipment quality and ease of use.

His job satisfaction comes from seeing customers switch over from unfriendly equipment that is restricting their capacity to a custom-made Somex Automation design solution.

When he is not going to extremes to solve client problems Michal is scaling other heights courtesy of his love of mountaineering and hill walking.

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